Blowsion Heavy Duty Yamaha SuperJet Steering Cable



Blowsion Heavy Duty Yamaha SuperJet Steering Cable

This Blowsion Heavy Duty steering cable is longer than normal and fits Yamaha SuperJet skis. It has a superior Blue Max cable material with low friction and minimal loss of motion that is resistant to abrasions, salt water, gasoline, diesel and hard chemicals. Featuring a 4-inch minimum bend radius, these cables are pre-lubed for life. The stainless steel Standard-thread cable ends and hardware ensure it will last.

Comes in multiple lengths.

Fits all Yamaha Superjet (1996 – 2007) skis and most aftermarket Yamaha-based hulls (Rickter, Krash, Tigercraft, etc.)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

113in, 119in, 127in


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