Worx Racing Sea Doo 2018+ GTX, RXT, WAKE PRO 230 Insert Edition Sponsons


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Not happy with how your ski currently handles? Want to upgrade the look of your ski? Designed not just for cutting edge performance but killer style, the WR562-I sponsons are the perfect upgrade for your Seadoo ski!

Made for Seadoo GTX/RXT 2018+ models, these sponsons have been specifically designed to improve the handling performance of your Seadoo ski.

Worx Racing components WR562-I Sponsons are not just replacement paddles but also include an ‘Angle Cut Adjustable Backing Rail’ which runs parallel with the bottom of the ski and is designed to reduce nose pressure at high speeds and will let the nose settle down when you’re off the throttle & entering the corner.

Expect greatly improved direct response in cornering, more predictable handling AND greater straight line stability, especially in rough conditions.


  • Improved direct response in cornering
  • More predictable handling
  • Greater straight line stability
  • Made in Australia

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 4 in


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