R&D Racing Under Engine Foam Insert Kawasaki SX-R


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R&D Racing Under Engine Foam Insert Kawasaki SX-R.

R&D has developed an inexpensive foam engine insert that installs under the engines oil pan and takes up the tight space between the hull and oil pan. The gap between the engine pan and hull on the SX-R’s is very tight! Some areas are as tight as .250 (1/4) inch)! Small nuts or mm bolts that may get dropped or come loose for any reason can get under the engine and get trapped! Very difficult to find or remove! If left un-noticed, a fracture or small hole could get punched to the pan causing leakage, as well as hull damage! “Not Fun”! The R&D Foam Engine Insert will keep small hardware or debris from getting to these areas. The R&D Foam Insert is Chemical and Fuel Resistant, and can be cleaned with any degreaser cleaner and Re-Used just like a serviceable air filter! Help to save your engine today!

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