Nyogel 760G Connector Grease 400grams 14.11oz Tube


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Nyogel 760G Connector Grease 400grams 14.11oz Tube.

NyoGel® 760G – The Leading Connector Grease
The number of electrical connectors and electronic circuits in devices such as cars, planes, appliances, industrial machinery, trucks or boats is continuously growing. Failure of these components, from short circuit to continuity loss, present a major concern as issues can vary from nuisance to increased warranty costs to critical safety problems. The constant exposure to moisture, corrosive environments, and vibration can also accelerate the failure or malfunction of connector components.

Extend the life of connectors.
Prevent corrosion.
Seal & protect from environment.
Prevent fretting wear.
Insulate from short circuits.
Reduce mating force.

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