Atlantis Yamaha Performance Vest Lanyards



Atlantis Yamaha Performance Vest Lanyards

These simple floating lanyards hook on to your life vest and float in the water so you can easily find them if you’re in the water. Brightly colored to make them easy to spot in the water, and to differentiate between your skis!

Atlantis has created the “Performance” lanyard from the suggestions and feedback from Pro Racers, Freestylers and Freeriders. This lanyard features the float tube at the rear point of the lanyard, next to the vest clip. This change keeps the area around the key almost weightless and free of any extra objects that may come into contact with the water during aggressive riding, which sometimes causes the key to pull out.

These lanyards have a key for Yamaha skis.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Lanyard Color

Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow


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